Pilates Work Out

Pilates is a form of low impact exercise which strengthens and tones your core muscles to improve stability. In addition, Pilates improves posture alignment to prevent the risk of future injuries.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, in pain or simply want to improve and maintain physical health. Physio led Pilates is perfect for you.

Here at Kaye Physiotherapy, we offer bespoke one-one physiotherapist led sessions. The programs will be tailored and modified to individual needs, within a controlled medical environment. Altering mechanics to speed up recovery, reducing pain, improving posture and building strength.

Each session, injuries and movement will be medically re-assessed and exercises progressed the stronger you become. Exercises will be emailed or printed to allow you to continue to practice with perfect form at home.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Develop a Strong Core Stability

  • Correct Muscle Imbalance

  • Improve Posture Alignment

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Reduce Pain

  • Reduced likelihood of Injury

  • Improve Sport Performance

  • Increase Speed of recovery post Injury

  • Relaxation and Mindfulness