Exercise Rehabilitation

Excercise rehabilitation session

Rehabilitation aids the recovery of injury or provides long term management of conditions.


Primarily focusing on tailored exercises , rehabilitation also includes specific medical advice, education and prescribed activities. Improving fitness levels and looking at everyday function/aids to increase independence.

Kaye Physiotherapy offers rehabilitation for a variety of issues. This can be combined with other treatment modalities to ensure the speediest recovery.

Common Clinical Issues:

Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation – to ensure a speedy recovery from any surgery this is a must during the early acute stages.

If surgery is elective it is always advised to seek a rehabilitation program prior to surgery to give the most optimal recovery.

Walking, sitting to standing, up and down stairs and return to normal activity or sport.

Elderly rehabilitation - Common problems such as reduced mobility and balance, muscles weakness and reduced independence. High falls risk, pressure sores. Advice and rehabilitation can aid

Sport rehabilitation - Usually following sports injuries with the aim of returning to that said sport. Tailored program to allow high level activity to return, in addition to advice with regards to footwear, form and equipment.

Pre/post natal - If experiencing pain during pregnancy or post delivery. This form of rehabilitation often includes pelvic floor exercises, abdominal and core strengthening (usually with a Pilates focus). The programme will provide clear dos/don’ts guidelines, a schedule of returning to normal exercise, aid in scar tissue management and aid in abdominal separation or Diastasis Recti .

If post natal we advise to come 6 weeks post partum, but even if your pregnancy was years ago, it is never to late!

Benefits of rehabilitation:

As detailed above

  • Improved mobility and activity level

  • Increases independence quickly

  • Significantly improves overall quality of life