Covid 19 Full Procedures

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Re-Opening Covid 19 New Policy And Proceedures

Following recently updated guidelines from the NHS and our governing body The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy,

we are able to reopen the clinic.

An initial remote consultation will take place - allowing for a distanced virtual assessment.

If you do require or request face-to-face treatment from here, then we are able to provide this, as long as you are happy to abide by the safety measures and new policy.

Thorough risk assessments have been conducted to attain the cleanest and safest clinical service and environment. We have created new procedures to incorporate infection prevention and control measures, with PPE( personal protective equipment), to minimise COVID-19 risk and transmission during treatment sessions.

We will be operating a significantly reduced service with one physiotherapist (physio) and one patient present at any one time.


Please read our new policy below:

Before attending clinic:

All patients will first receive a telephone screening consultation to talk with a physio and assess their individual clinical needs. Further assessment of COVID-19 risk factors is then followed, to ensure they do not have any symptoms.


Please inform the physios :

  • If you have been unwell in the 14 days before your appointment including a persistent cough, high temperature, loss of taste/smell.

  • If someone from your household has been unwell in the 14 days before your appointment.

  • If you should be in self-isolation under the current government guidelines.


If a cancellation has to be made due to COVID-19 matters then there will be no cancellation fee for this.

When attending clinic:

  • All patients over the age of 16 are expected to attend the appointment alone. (There may exceptions if the physio has granted permission prior to the appointment).

  • The waiting room is restricted during this time, to ensure social distancing guidelines can be abided by. Consequently we ask that you to press the buzzer just a minute prior to your appointment time, no sooner.

  • Use of the toilet will also be restricted to minimise cross contamination of bodily fluids. Please try to plan ahead where possible.

  • Both physio’s and patient’s temperature will be checked on entering the clinic. Entry will be declined if temperatures are above the normal range ≈ 37.8degrees.

  • Upon arrival, any gloves that are worn must be removed. Hands should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water or hand sanitizers provided on-site.

  • Both the patient and physio must wear a face mask at all times whilst in clinic. Please bring one to wear upon arrival.

  • The physiotherapist will be wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes face mask, eye protection, gloves and aprons at all times during the appointment.

  • Open windows will provide fresh air ventilation.


After every appointment :

  • The physiotherapist will allocate an extended lay over time between patients. This is to ensure all equipment and door handles are deep cleaned and any one use items safely disposed of.

  • PPE will be replaced for the next patient.


The safety of our patients always comes first. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for everyone.